Awareness Month



It’s May, so it must be Lupus Awareness Month.

Is it possible that we have ever been more aware?

COVID-19. Isolation. Fear of not being able to find hydroxychloroquine. Afraid to get the covid vaccine but more afraid not to. And which vaccine should we get?

If you weren’t in a flare before all of this, the stress alone should take care of being in remission or feeling well.

And that doesn’t include all the normal stressors in your life.

Welcome to Lupus Awareness Month 2021.

Though the past year has been challenging, if you’re like me, you’ve become aware of many new things and perhaps brought back some old things:


  • I’ve become aware I can survive without going out in public every day.
  • I’ve become aware I still love crowds, but they aren’t essential (I may not be essential either.)
  • I’ve become aware I can get almost anything I want delivered to my door, and I do mean anything.
  • I’ve become aware no matter how bad things get, things do get better.
  • I’ve become aware that even when quarantine is necessary, there are a few friends who are willing to risk it all just so they can visit.
  • I’ve become aware that sometimes a hot bath and well-mixed cocktail (for me a margarita) work wonders.
  • I’ve become aware to keep my phone charged. It is literally a lifeline.
  • I’ve become aware I don’t know as much about technology as I should.
  • I’ve become more aware that I can escape this madness in books.
  • I’ve become aware you can get tired of take-out food (or delivery food.)
  • I’ve become aware not to laugh at people in masks unless they’re funny (the masks, not the people.)
  • I’ve become aware for every person I laugh at, there are more looking and laughing at me.
  • I’ve become aware masks and glasses are not a good combination.
  • I’ve become aware addictions happen.
  • I’ve become aware not all addictions are bad-books for example.
  • I’ve learned that a good panic helps-for a few minutes.
  • I’ve become aware that life will go on, so we better now let this past year be an example, of how we want to live our lives.

Happy Lupus AWARENESS month!


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