Lies, Lies, and Damned Lies

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When something stupid is said and it upsets me, do I first address the anger over the stupidity of the comment, or address the stupidity itself?

Sometimes it’s difficult to control the anger long enough to address the stupidity. The anger is righteous in this case and justified. When someone makes a stupid comment, that’s one thing. When they make a stupid comment and it is publicized in the media and then reposted on social media for the entire world to see, that makes my blood boil. I guess I should explain.

I read on Facebook this morning about a young mother who lives in the Ozarks and was recently diagnosed with lupus. I feel for her and her family. I feel for anyone who receives this diagnosis. The article went on to explain the difficulties she has with the disease and then there was a quote from her – “I don’t know if I’m going to be around five years from now. It kills me for them, what would they do without their mom and it makes me feel so guilty and Lupus is hereditary and if they end up with, I don’t know if I could handle that.” A quote from a physician followed stating that the cause of lupus is unknown and there isn’t a cure, but I was stuck on the quote about lupus being hereditary. Most people reading this would take the quote as gospel. I doubt that there are many who would know the statement about ‘lupus being hereditary’ is wrong.

Imagine how frightening it would be to be living with lupus, read this and believe it. That is easily done when there is already much misinformation about lupus.

I was diagnosed with lupus 23 years ago when information on the internet was in its infancy. I am thankful for that. I had to get my information from the local lupus chapter, the library, and my physician. I had to learn the truth. It took me many years to learn what I know about lupus. I’m sure along the way I heard things that people thought was the truth, but if I had any doubt I was surrounded by knowledgeable people I could ask.

Today I am an activist for lupus patients. I am an educator of lupus patients and their families. I am still astounded and pissed off when I read something blatantly posted that is misinformation. It’s wrong and hurtful to post things such as this. Patients and family of patients who read this garbage become needlessly frightened.

So what is the truth about lupus and heredity? Lupus patients inherit a predisposition to the disease, but it takes a trigger to set the disease on its course. Triggers can be stress, environmental, and/or pharmaceutical related. Even the sun can trigger the disease. The fact is it’s not really known what triggers it in all patients.

The best advice I can give anyone who has lupus or believes they may have lupus is find a rheumatologist you can communicate and work with to determine if you have the disease and to help develop a treatment plan for the disease. Lupus is a chronic disease that last a lifetime but it doesn’t have to cost you your life.

One more lie put to rest.

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