The Last Time? – Hardly

no more liesOnce and hopefully for the last time, LUPUS IS NOT HEREDITARY.

Okay. Perhaps we inherit a predisposition to the disease, but we DO NOT inherit lupus. If that we the case then lupus researches could say where it comes from.

They can’t, because no one knows.

Additionally, if it were hereditary, one of our parents would have to have lupus or carry some gene for lupus that is passed on to their children. They don’t and they can’t.

Researchers have NOT FOUND a gene for lupus.

The fact is, the best researchers in the world don’t know what causes lupus.

I wish they did and I’m sure they wish the same. If they knew what causes it they would have a good chance at a cure. Neither are in the works as of yet. Though I wish they were.

Once again, I read a newspaper article where the author stated “lupus can be hereditary”. Where do these so called writers get their facts? From a bubble gum machine? From the guy on the corner who sells facts for $1.00? From their dog?

I wish I knew and I wish I could hit them all on the head with a lupus stick. Oh wait. There isn’t a lupus stick, much like there isn’t a KNOWN cause of lupus. Neither exist.

How about I just whack the writer’s of these lies over the head with the weight of the lie they told. Their misinformation goes far beyond one statement in one article in one publication. Their lies and misinformation is far reaching. Every lupus patient who reads it and has children or hopes to have children begin to worry about the possibility that they could have sentenced their children to a life of living with chronic illness.

When does it stop?

How do we make it stop?

I am one voice shouting for the truth.

I am one voice wanting the facts to be known.

I am one voice who has had enough and is willing to call these writers out for what they are – MISINFORMED. But a misinformed newspaper writer is the worst kind. They touch so many lives and when they are misinformed they touch them with lies.

Check your facts, people.

Help stop the lies.

Learn the truth.

Spread information instead of lies. Be and advocate for lupus patients instead of someone who puts fear in their hearts.

From the life of lupus patient Wanda M. Argersinger

© 2015 All Rights Reserved

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