Why Lipstick, Lies, and Lupus?

hope tentWhy a blog titled “Lipstick, Lies, and Lupus”? Because I am addicted to lipstick and normally have 4 or 5 tubes of the stuff with me at all times. Because I am a lupus patient, and because I hate all the lies and misinformation circulating about lupus and the damage and hurt it causes to those who read and believe the lies.

I want to write about lupus and the lives of the patients I know – the ones who keep on living despite the disease. The ones who laugh, have fun, get married, have children, work, don’t work, play with their grandchildren, change clothes sizes and need 4 separate closets, and all the in-betweens.

A few years back I was reading a newsletter that came from one of the local lupus groups out west. There was an article in the newsletter written by a nurse. I don’t remember the name of the article any more, and probably didn’t after the fire that article started. I’m sure the title was lost when a fire was ignited inside me after reading a lie that she wrote. The R.N. author stated that “lupus is a progressive” disease.

When I read the word “progressive” I was infuriated. First I was angry because this article was written by a nurse who should know better. Second I was furious because it was written by a nurse and most people would take her word as the gospel. Third I was boiling with anger because the group who published the newsletter did not correct the lie.

According to a progressive disease is one that is increasing in scope or severity, advancing, or going forward. For example, a disease that is progressive is worsening. Lupus is chronic, meaning they have a disease that is a long-lasting, one that can be controlled but not cured. ( According to the Center for Managing Chronic Disease)There is a big distinction between these two types of diseases. Lupus is characterized by flares (more active states of the disease) and remissions (less active states of the disease). The time and duration of the flares and remissions is different for every lupus patient. They can’t be predicted but can, in many cases, be controlled.

I can only hope that this blog can reach all those who read the original article and more. I pray that anyone who read that article and the other lies and misinformation that circulate about lupus find accurate information and learn the truth. It is my sincere wish that only the truth be published. I said it was a wish. I know it would take a genie in a lamp to make that happen.

Now you know a little about why I’ve begun this blog. One other fact you may want to know – I have a 911 rule that did play a bit in naming this blog. Here’s my rule: if something should happen to me that may require calling 911:

  • First – apply lipstick because I’m not going to the hospital without it
  • Second – administer Coca Cola. It could bring me out of whatever my current state is, thus negating the need for the 911 call
  • Third – if all else fails, dial 911, but send the lipstick with them

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