The Game Is About To Change

wanda writes about lupusWe, as lupus patients, are out of whack!

I don’t say that flippantly, but rather in all seriousness. Our bodies are out of whack. Our immune systems have lost their way and are on the rampage against our own bodies. They are discriminatory either. They attack whatever they want. Our symptoms vary from person to person and often, none of this makes any sense.

Imagine for a minute restoring balance to your immune system. Wouldn’t that mean the end of lupus? Wouldn’t that mean that we would once again be balanced, or at least no longer out of whack? Wouldn’t that mean that we now have a chance to put this disease in its place? Wouldn’t this mean the pendulum has finally swung in our direction without the intention of destroying.

That possibility could be near.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) recently announced that Chinese investigators are going to test a new drug agent for treating lupus in upcoming clinical trials. In 2011, the United States approved an antibody-based drug to fight the disease (Benlysta), however, according to the CAS, access to the drug is very restricted due to its high price. The compound called SM934, is a water-soluble artemisinin derivative that has already been approved by the China Food and Drug Administration. According to the CAS, SM934 has been found to “restore the body’s immune balance” and to modulate autoimmune responses.

If the results of these clinical trials are successful, we could see a new potentially game changing drug on the market to treat lupus.

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