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A Hero Is Born and Recognized

As a child, like most children, I had a hero. He was a man. I followed John Glenn first and then all the other astronauts up until Neil Armstrong took that first important leap for mankind. I remember being angry when Sally Ride was the first woman in outer space. That what who I was supposed to be. Forget that marriage, children, and life got in the way. I don’t remember having a hero after Neil Armstrong until I was diagnosed with lupus, studied the disease, learned about the researchers and what they were doing, learned about what was in the medicine/treatment pipeline, and became an informed lupus patient. That has all changed.

I first learned about Dr. Betty Diamond years ago when she proved that there were indeed cases where substance crossed the blood/brain barrier which had previously believed impossible. This was huge for those who have lupus brain fog and more important to those who suffer CNS lupus.

Last week I learned more reason for Dr. Betty Diamond to be my lupus hero. I read last week that Dr. Diamond may have identified a protein as a cause for the adverse reaction of the immune system in patients suffering from lupus. A better understanding of how the immune system becomes overactive will help lead to more effective treatments for lupus and potentially other autoimmune diseases.

As a lupus patient, I don’t think there’s a better hero than a dedicated researcher who may very well discover the cause thus enabling a cure for lupus.

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